Legislative Priorities - 2018

This session I have introduced legislation that strengthens our workforce to be more competitive,
invests in our public schools, protects the environment, stands up for women, honors our veterans and military
families, and creates a more welcoming and inclusive Virginia.  

Below are the bills, amendments and resolutions that have been filed for consideration this legislative session.

Honoring Veterans and Military Families:

HB 1058: Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act - Creates a pilot program to give active duty military service members and Virginia National Guard members stationed overseas the option of voting electronically, in a timely and secure manner. 

HB 1279: Awarding Academic Credit for Service in Armed Forces of the United States - Requires four year public institutions of higher education to have polices to review veterans and active duty military students' military training to award academic credit, as appropriate. 

HB 1463: Transfer of Any Course Credit Awarded for Service in Armed Forces - Guarantees that any academic credit awarded by community colleges to veteran and active duty military students for prior military training are transferable to four year public institutions of higher education. 

Strengthening our Public Schools:

HB 1111: STEAM Education Fund - Establishes the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Education Fund. This Fund would leverage public-private partnerships to award competitive grants to eligible public K-12 schools for implementation of STEAM programs. 

Growing our Economy: 

HB 1109: Overtime Compensation Act - Establishes overtime protections in the Virginia code so that workers who work more than 12 hours a day, 40 hours a week, or 7 consecutive days are fairly compensated. 

Protecting our Environment: 

HB 1059: Water Quality Spill Notification - Requires the Department of Environmental Quality or the State Water Control Board to notify local communities by newspaper, television and radio of instances when harmful substances are spilled into public waters. 

HB 1060: Lifting the 1% Solar Program Energy Cap - Incentivizes the development and usage of renewable energy by removing the 1% cap on the amount of renewable energy that can receive credits through the net metering program. 

HB 1253: Authorize Municipalities to Participate in Net Energy Metering - Allows municipal governments that develop renewable energy at one facility to get credit for energy usage at other locations, thereby saving taxpayer dollars. 

Standing up for Women:

HB 1062: Eliminate Statute of Limitations for Prosecution of Misdemeanor Sexual Offenses - Removes the statute of limitations for misdemeanor sexual harassment. Currently, if a minor is a victim of a misdemeanor sexual offense like attempted rape, they have until the age of 19 to report to authorities. 

HB 1462: Virginia Human Rights Act; Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training in the Workplace- Requires state contractors and subcontractors with a government contract over $10,000 to inform and train their employees on the company's sexual harassment policy. 

Inclusive and Welcoming Virginia: 

HB 1061: Updating the Code for the Blind and Vision Impaired; Rehabilitative Manufacture and Service Industries - Updates the code sot hat descriptions about the Department for the Blind and Visually Impaired's staff, programs, and services are accurate and inclusive. 

HB 1329: Religious Identity Protection Act - Prevents state and local entities from sharing data about individual Virginian's religious beliefs, affiliations, and activities with the federal government for the purpose of creating an registry or database. 

HB 1461: Create an Office of Immigrant Assistance - Establishes the Office of Immigrant Assistance to help eligible immigrants connect with services to become naturalized citizens and to inform immigrants of health epidemics, fraudulent activities (like notario fraud), and other services. 

Budget Amendments:

Overtime for Home Health Care Workers

Increase Access to Virginia Community Colleges

Increase Transitional Services for the Virginia Initiative for Employment Not Welfare Program