Existential Threat


A lot of what Trump has done as president threatens our nation -- our national security, our economy, the well-being of our people, and our most fundamental values.

But his decision to withdraw from the historic Paris Climate Accord poses a clear existential threat to our country and our planet. 

Trump's announcement today puts us at odds with every other nation in the world, except for Syria and Nicaragua. The rest of the world is uniting to address this global problem. The actions of Trump and the Republicans are shameful, but I won't let this be the end of the argument. If our president refuses to address climate change, it is up to states to lead the way.

It's why I oppose fracking and off-shore drilling in Virginia. It's why I oppose the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley gas pipelines. It's why I will never accept campaign contributions from Virginia's energy monopolies, Dominion and Appalachian Power.

Instead, we need to focus on growing our clean energy industries in Virginia. We can be a global leader and innovator on solar, wind, and other renewable sources of energy, but it requires leadership and urgent action.

I know you've been hearing from us and other campaigns lately about tonight's fundraising deadline - and yes, we need your support right now. But in the day-to-day of campaigning, fundraising deadlines, or Trump's tweets, we must never lose track of the issues that affect our families and communities every day.

That's why I'm running. If we can't count on the federal government, then we need progressive leadership in Richmond to fight back and move forward. Thank you for being a part of it.

- Kathy